Computer Cleaning Services

Computer Cleaning Services

Professional PC cleaning for your office

With only 1 in 10 of office workers proactively investing time into cleaning their desks and IT equipment, BACTERIA IS HAVING A FREE RUN.


DID YOU KNOW: Your work phone could be harbouring up to 25,127 germs/bacteria/viruses per square inch? Keyboards 3,295 per square inch and your computer mouse 1,676 per square inch. That’s why a good office equipment cleaning service is a must!

Factors such as eating at desks (due to time constraints) are contributing to this growing problem. Food spills, such as tea and biscuits can support mini eco-systems. The cleaning of keyboards and telephones is not always given high priority within offices so these bacteria build up can go unchecked. Adopt a good office desk cleaning policy today!

Considering IT equipment is the most used and touched surface in most businesses, professional computer cleaning is a service we can offer which under the current climate, nearly all business premises SHOULD be opting for.


Benefits of IT Equipment Cleaning; 

  • The health of staff is directly and positively affected if they work on cleaner, healthier workstations.
  • Clean computers, laptops and desks often leads to an increase in staff moral and the feel good factor.
  • Computer cleaning helps with the reduction of annoying faults such as sticky keys and slipping mice that can be experienced with dirty equipment.
  • With the exception of the people in your business, your electronic systems must be the next most important asset. Regular office equipment sanitising will help safeguard your staff and equipment.

Current Regulation:

Regulation 5(1) of the Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992 requires "the workplace and the equipment, devices and systems to which this regulation applies shall be maintained (including cleaned as appropriate) in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair".

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