Your One Stop Solution for Office Relocations!

Your One Stop Solution for Office Relocations!

Planning an office relocation? Look no further!

We are your one stop solution for all your business moving needs. We will take care of every last detail!  With us, your office relocation will be a seamless one from start to finish and here’s why…

  1. A Single Point of Contact

Every relocation project will be assigned a dedicated project manager. That means just one point of contact! Just give your project manager a buzz if you have anything you need to discuss or confirm. Not only do we make moving easy and convenient, we offer 24/7 customer service. 

  1. PC Relocation Services

Yes, moving means the big and the bulky (filing cabinets, desks and printers) but don’t forget the very essence of your day-to-day business… your computers! Those cables can be a minefield to navigate but don’t fret, we are experts in PC relocations too.  

  1. Storage Solutions for your every need

Moving to a smaller office or just need a space to store your office furniture temporarily while construction works are being carried out? We can provide and arrange for storage solutions for your business for both short term or long term rental.

  1. Environmental Services

While you’re at it, why not clear out the clutter as well. We can help dispose of  any documents and files you no longer need, the eco-friendly way. We will shred, compact them into bales and pulp them before recycling.

What are you waiting for?

Contact us for all your office relocation needs!

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