With Edward Baden the Moving Costs are Clear – No Hidden Costs!

With Edward Baden the Moving Costs are Clear – No Hidden Costs!

Don’t be shocked by hidden moving charges

Are you planning a home or office move? Moving can be expensive! With so many things to consider, from dates to budget and packing, right up to relocation day! Not forgetting hiring a removals lorry and manpower. But did you know that there are other costs to think about besides hiring a van for the big day?

Here we list some quick additional costs you need to know...

1. Packing materials
No moving is complete without packing materials. Always invest in good quality boxes to ensure your belongings are well secured during transport! Our Cube box shop offers corrugated double walled boxes at reasonable prices. Check it out! Or, for those of you who like to be environmentally friendly - take a look at our Easycrate hire as an alternative to boxes.

2. Disassembling and reassembling fee
As with many big household items, they require dismantling when moving to fit through doors, narrow hallways, lifts and stairways. Some movers charge for these added services, so be sure to notify your movers beforehand.

3. Professional skilled movers for valuable belongings
Certain household items such as pianos, pool tables, large aquarium tanks, fine arts and antiques require the services of specially trained professional movers. Our Cube Fine Art service is perfect for this type of delicate handling!

4. Stairway fees
Moving to or from a flat? Some movers will charge extra for having to carry heavy bulky furniture items all the way up or down your unit! So, be sure to check if your movers are willing to do so, you wouldn’t want them leaving your items at the lobby come moving day!

5. Tips for the movers
When all the moving is done, a tip would be a great gesture as a thank you for all the hard work the movers have put in for doing such an awesome job. The amount to give is entirely up to you.

Save on the hassles and worries of hidden costs by:

Using Edward Baden Specialist Movers!
We are your one stop moving company! At Edward Baden, the costs are always clear. We take the stress out of moving from start to finish by assigning a highly skilled team of movers for your move. Our assessor can meet with you to discuss your pending move and help you to determine the best moving solution for you. We will be happy to come over to your home or office to ensure that we have the proper picture of your moving requirements. We also provide storage services should you require them if you are searching for a new property, or should you require a precision storage environment to protect your investments.

Contact us now and start planning a crystal clear move!

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