Something Fishy at the Natural History Museum?

Something Fishy at the Natural History Museum?

The Edward Baden team goes forth to show that there is no fish too small or BIG for them.

When the Natural History Museum needed some professional help to move their priceless exhibits, Edward Baden was ready to help. Most memorable about this project was the opportunity for our crew to soak in some of the great exhibits at the museum while they were there!

With Dippy the Dinosaur finally on tour our Edward Baden Specialist Movers Team are all hands on deck to organise the vaults under the museum. Here are some exclusive shots from behind the scenes at London’s Natural History Museum.

The Edward Baden team were excited by their discoveries today Natural History Museum. With endless racking of ancient prehistoric fossils, this should keep them happy on the job! Brothers Will and Mike take 5 to admire Megatherium’, a giant ground sloth found in north and South America around 13,000 years ago!

Keen Fishermen John Brooker and Will from the Edward Baden Specialist Movers Team win catch of the day! Bringing through a 228 million year old Ichthyosaurus at Natural History Museum.

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