Replicate The Office Workspace At Home For Your Employees

Replicate The Office Workspace At Home For Your Employees

Move your tech and office furniture into the homes of your employees and replicate the office workspace for them at home!

With the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, many employers have had to implement new working from home strategies. Both employers and their employees are still uncertain when they will return to the office… and a few weeks of working from home has turned into months, with no definitive end in sight. If this is to become a long-term situation, employers will need to adapt to these new working from home norms.

While video conferencing colleagues from the garden, taking business calls from the living room sofa and working on your laptop from the dining room table are good makeshift measures to weather out these unprecedented time - setting up a home office is imperative for long term productivity.  

A home office will give your employees familiarity of the office environment, boost productivity and help ease that backache we’ve all been experiencing lately! **OUCH**

Buying New Office Home Furniture for Employees? 

We’ve heard of employers allocating funds for their employees to purchase the necessary office furniture to ease the transition to remote working. This may seem like a good option, but it’s one that could burst your budget - especially if sales have been affected during lockdown.

We offer an Alternative Solution

Replicate the Office Workspace at Home for your Employees

That’s right! Move your Office Furniture and IT Equipment into your employees homes.

Your business will save on the cost of reimbursements for home office furniture and your employees will get to work comfortably and productively at home surrounded by their own office furnishings.


Just leave the moving to us. Give us a call and we’ll help your business organise the relocation of office furniture from your main office to your employee’s homes.

We have the skills and expertise to make the move a seamless and convenient one. Helping you adjust to the ‘new normal’ and making working from home more comfortable for your employees!


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CONTACT US or get in touch with our office moving specialists now on 0800 027 2668!

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