Is your computer a breeding ground for germs?

Is your computer a breeding ground for germs?

It could be your computer that is making you and your staff ill!

Do you have a regular cleaner coming in every week? You are pretty vigilant about keeping office areas clean and tidy... but how often do you think about cleaning your office desks? It’s a place where the average office worker spends around 40 hours a week, and should be given plenty of consideration and thought.

Stay healthy with an office desk cleaning policy! Here are 2 key reasons why office equipment cleaning is a must!

  • Did you know?

The average desktop has about 400 times more bacteria than your toilet! Oh, and let’s not forget about the keyboard (with 3,295 germs per square inch). If you or your employees like eating at your desk, we’ve news for you. Food crumbs are going to make keyboards a breeding ground for bacteria! 

  • Hot desking, oh no!

If you work in an environment with a commonly shared work space, the chances for infection is far greater. Can you hear your employees coughing and sneezing from time to time? Those germs can linger around on surfaces for up to three days - that means desks, phones, computer keyboards and your mouse are all at risk!

Take a proactive approach.

Always maintain high standards of cleanliness in offices and business premises with thorough desk cleaning practices.

Leave the office equipment cleaning to us!

We offer professional office equipment sanitising for your company from only £11.95+VAT.

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