Is Your Business Ideally Located For Your Employees?

Is Your Business Ideally Located For Your Employees?

The location of your business often plays a considerable role in whether potential employees choose to work for you.

Finding a suitable location for your business is usually a fine balance between proximity and easy access to your customers whilst also being affordable. However what is often overlooked in the decision making process is whether or not the location is suitable for your employees – both current and future.

For many individuals, the location of their workplace is an essential element of whether or not they are happy. Employees usually want a quick, easy commute and then access to other services whilst they are at work, during lunch breaks and after hours. Those employees who work on industrial estates or business parks often have to spend their lunch breaks at work whilst those located in towns venture out at lunch. Research shows that employees prefer the second option, and being able to nip out at lunch to buy food, pick out a quick gift for an impending birthday, pop into the local post office to post a letter, go into their bank or even have a quick manicure at a local salon. Funnily enough the research even suggests that these employees are more productive as they have a better work/life balance.

Employees also favour companies that offer free parking so whether or not the premises you rent or buy has a car park or is on a road where ample free parking is available is an important factor. The actual look, feel and comfort of the building is important too but staff are mainly interested in the safety and the temperature of their working environment as opposed to the actual aesthetics.

Wherever you decide to relocate your office to, ask us about our specialist relocation services.

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