How does the office workspace impact your employees’ success?

How does the office workspace impact your employees’ success?

Moving offices or rearranging your office workspace layout? We can help!

Did you know? About 58% of the world’s population spends a third of their adult life at work, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Your office workspace plays a vital role in impacting your employee’s performance, mood and efficiency both positively and negatively. That’s why many employers are now thinking of ways to upgrade their office to make the office more accommodating for its employees!

How exactly does an office layout play a vital role in office productivity?

A Comfy Workspace equals to a Contented Employee

Yes, happy employees contribute more to their employer and increases office productivity!

How can you as an employer ensure that the needs and surroundings of your employees are well facilitated?

1. Eliminate unnecessary office furniture

A cluttered environment can negatively affect your employee’s mood, resilience and also their ability to produce work efficiently or worse create stress and make them feel demotivated.

The best solution is to clear out some underutilised office furniture that is cluttering up your office space. With all that stuff gone, your employees will focus on work better! What are you waiting for? Get started on that list of furniture you need and clear the rest

2. Adopt a no storage in the office policy

Office workspace should never be a dumping ground for all your materials or new and unused furniture!

Instead, it’s wise to rent a Business Self Storage unit. Our sister company, Cube Self Storage offers great and affordable rental rates with flexible plans. It’s an office storage solution for all your office storage needs, letting you fully utilise your workspace for day to day operations of the company!

Looking for some great ideas to reorganise your workspace? Check out some super awesome offices like Google, Apple or Facebook!

Moving businesses? We at Edward Baden Specialist Movers, can rearrange it to accommodate it the same way at your new place! Have a more conducive layout in mind? Not a problem, we can move your furniture to anywhere you desire!

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