Decentralisation - A New Trend for UK Businesses

Decentralisation - A New Trend for UK Businesses

Is decentralisation part of your business strategy?

In city centres up and down the country businesses are contemplating a move in favour of more regional locations, as part of their post-pandemic strategies.

Having big city centre offices was fantastic when people were happy to jump on the tube and loved the buzz of the capital, but what happens now?

Decentralisation is currently one of the buzz words in commercial relocations, and has been for some time. In boardrooms up and down the country, directors discuss whether to move out of London in favour of more urban locations in wake of Covid-19. Particularly as centrally based businesses have found it difficult to tempt people back into the office, even before the current lockdown!

Coming in high on the list of the best places to decentralise, includes our very own  neighbour, Brighton and Hove! The demand for office space in Brighton is already high, with a number of developments already in progress.

Here we bullet point 3 key reasons why decentralising makes great business sense in the current climate;

Lower Overheads
Lower rental costs and price per square foot! By relocating outside of city centres, everything is likely to cost a little less as well… especially the coffee!

Free Up Capital
Reducing monthly rental expenses will free up much needed capital to help  your business stay afloat during unprecedented times.

Employee Wellbeing
No more long, busy commutes! Moving out of big city centres can make journey times shorter - lowering employee stress levels and boosting productivity.


If decentralisation is part of your 2021 business strategy, we’re here to help! From removals, storage and crate hire - we offer you a single point of contact to make your commercial relocation… a stress free one!

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