Corporate Moves & Downsizing - A Survival Tactic

Corporate Moves & Downsizing - A Survival Tactic

Many businesses are now looking to relocate or downsize as a survival tactic against soaring costs

There are difficult times ahead for UK businesses as the number of insolvencies in Britain has risen by 70% in the last year. (source: Mazars).

Rising borrowing costs caused by the Bank of England interest rate hikes, coupled with inflation, has prompted many businesses to relocate or downsize as a survival tactic againsts soaring costs.

Here are 3 benefits of downsizing or relocating to a rural area

1. Cost saving
Needless to say, fewer employees translates to lower labour cost; and renting a smaller space or moving the workplace to the suburb would effectively reduce overheads. 

2. Opportunity for business restructuring
By reviewing and revisiting the corporate structure, the company can meet the ever-changing legal, financial and commercial objectives. It’s also beneficial for enterprises looking to reduce their tax liabilities. 

3. Eliminate areas that do not generate revenue.

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Cube Self Storage
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