Check out our range of Specialist Moving Equipment

Check out our range of Specialist Moving Equipment

Here’s a list of specialist equipment items we use to get the job done!

At Edward Baden Specialist Movers, we offer a wide range of relocation services to cater to your every request. Throughout our years in the relocation industry, we’ve successfully relocated customers from every sector from businesses, libraries, hotels, education, hospital, laboratories, factories, machineries to personal homes.

So, why have our customers been using Edward Baden to relocate? Well, apart from our strong team of workmen (whom we affectionately call our relocation specialists!) to carry the items, here’s why you would want to hire us professionals:

✔︎ We have professional moving equipment to safely move your delicate items!

Our range of Specialist Moving Equipment:

1. Boom Lift (Aerial Work Platform)
With a boom lift, hard to access areas are not a problem! Also known as an aerial work platform or mobile elevating work platform, this mechanical device is used by our Edward Baden Specialist Movers to provide temporary access for people or equipment to inaccessible areas, usually at great heights or tall buildings!

2. Easycrates
We work hand in hand, with our sister company over at Easycrates to provide plastic hire crate to safely transport your fragile items.

Our Easycrates are:

  • Strong and Durable
    Made from sturdy plastic providing increased protection during transportation.
  • Water resistant
    Our Easycrates are able to withstand rain as opposed to regular cardboard boxes.
  • Integral lids and handles
    Makes packing easy! Simply open, pack and transport.
  • Tamper proof
    We can provide seals to ensure the confidentiality of your items.

3. Commissioning of bespoke plywood cases
We understand that some items are so unique and rare, they require exquisite care! That’s why we will go all out to commission customise cases to safely protect your items of odd shapes and sizes during transit. Just speak to us!

4. Edward Baden Trucks
No move is complete without a moving truck. You have probably spotted our truck somewhere in town, as they are surely hard to miss! Our fleet of trucks are sure to accommodate any size of move you may have.

Here are some of the work we have done for some of our clients in our detailed case studies.

With us, every stage of your move is in expert hands!

Contact us now for a free on site survey and consultation.

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