We’re Celebrating Living Wage Week 2019

We’re Celebrating Living Wage Week 2019

Edward Baden pays the real living wage!

It’s #LivingWageWeek and we’re celebrating the hundreds of thousands of low paid workers whom have received a pay rise because of the Living Wage Movement!

When does it take place?
 ✔︎ Monday 11th to Sunday 17th November 2019
With the new Living Wage rates for 2019/2020 set to be announced on Monday 11th November!

What is the Living Wage?
The real Living Wage is independently calculated based on what employees and their family need to live and is voluntarily paid by over 5,000 UK employers who believe a hard day's work deserves a fair day's pay.

The Living Wage applies to all workers above the age of 18 years recognising that young people have the same living costs as everyone else!

Who pays the Living Wage?
We do, of course!  We thoroughly support this movement and we are proud to be a Living Wage Employer. That means everyone working with us, gets paid a real living wage.

Besides us, there are many other employers who feel the same way as we do and are also in support of this great movement including KPMG, IKEA, Nestle and so many more!

Why it pays to be a Living Wage employer? 
Not only will you change the lives of your employees but also:

  • Improve the reputation of your business
    • 93% of University Graduates aspire to work for a Living Wage Employer
  • Motivate and retain your employees
    • 86% of Living Wage Employees reported and increase in staff motivation since accrediting
  • Build and foster good relationships with your employees
    • 58% claim the Living Wage improved relations between managers and their staff

Since its launch in 2001, the real Living Wage campaign has delivered over £1billion in extra wages to workers and has lifted over 200,000 people out of in work poverty!

Celebrate the movement with us by supporting The Living Wage Week! #LivingWage #LivingWageWeek Find out more here: Living Wage Foundation

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