Business Hub: Is Brighton The New London?

Business Hub: Is Brighton The New London?

Businesses in London are considering a move to Brighton, and here’s why!



In the current climate, businesses are having to evolve and are contemplating whether to renew existing leases or downsize their businesses to save on costs. Affectionately called the “London-on-Sea” - living costs here are significant reduced in comparison to London, which means cheaper rental leases too!


Crime levels in Brighton are relatively low in comparison, especially when compared to the South London district and the people here, let’s just say …they are a friendly bunch! After all, Brighton has been named amongst the ten friendliest cities in England and according to CNBC, it is one of the best UK cities to work and live in. The value of having good neighbours cannot be underestimated!


Brighton offers employees a fantastic work - life balance, and in-turn promoting good health and wellbeing. In 2019, Brighton topped the list of happiest places to live and work in. The air is greener, it’s less populated and there’s both the scenic countryside and the sea to enjoy - endless walking opportunities in the evening after work or a lazy Sunday by the pier with a bag of chips, what’s not to love!

With demand for offcie space in Brighton increasing over the past couple of years, in addition to the lifestyle benefits, what’s stopping you from moving your business to Sussex? After all, Brighton is just a short train ride away from the capital!



As of 5th January 2021, the UK entered into a nationwide lockdown which is likely to last until the middle of February 2021. We are still operating as usual during this period and understand your worries and concerns about moving whilst in lockdown. Currently, under the new restrictions in England, moving is still permissible for homes and businesses - following all current government guidelines and recommended procedures.


Rest assured, during this period we will still continue to support our customers relocation needs to the best of our ability and have put in place stringent COVID-19 preventive measures to best protect the wellbeing of our staff and customers. We have equipped all of our team members with PPE (personal protective equipment) essentials and will minimise contact prior to moving day through online consultations.

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