5 Business Relocation Mistakes to Avoid

5 Business Relocation Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your office move.

Is your lease expiring or are you planning to move into your new office space? Moving office is no walk in the park! You will need to prepare months ahead to ensure everything goes smoothly with minimum disruptions to your business.

Here are 5 things to avoid doing to ensure a hiccup free office move.

  1. Failing to plan your office move
    Start planning your move early. Three important things to carefully plan is your budget, timeframe allocation as well as a checklist. Moving without a budget can prove disastrous as you could easily go overboard with costs. While, planning a timeframe will keep you on track and to not exceed the stipulated office downtime. Remember, the more downtime the less revenue for the company! Also, be sure to create an office moving items checklist to make sure nothing gets left behind.
  2. Moving everything to your new office
    Are you moving to a smaller office or does the new office come fully furnished? Now is the perfect time to declutter. Donate some unused furniture to schools or non-profit organisations that would be grateful to have them or resell them to other small medium enterprises (SMEs). Not only will this help your business earn some quick cash flow but with fewer items to move that means lower moving costs!
  3. Not packaging your items well
    Always invest in proper packing materials. Purchase cardboard boxes in a variety of sizes and lots and lots of bubble wrap! Don’t forget packing tape and marker pens. Place small office items such as files, stationery and ornaments into right sized boxes for easy transportation and always wrap furniture with bubble wrap and wrapping film to keep everything well-padded and protected from dust. Always label the items so the movers will know where to place the items, saving you and your staff the hassle of transferring the bulky items later!
  4. Forgetting to inform your clients and suppliers
    Remember to inform your customers and providers to let them know of your impending move in advance. This is to make sure they know you are still in business and know where they can find you! A quick way to inform them is by calling or you could also send them an e-mail or text. Be sure to also put up notices on your website and social media pages. Sticking a notice on the front door and reception desk is also a great way to notify walk-in customers.
  5. Skimping on professional relocation services
    Attempting to save on moving costs is a big no-no as your staff are inexperienced with lifting heavy items and could injure themselves by hurting their backs. You could be held legally liable! If this happens, you may need to fork out a hefty sum on medical bills or compensation. Plus, without professional handling by skilled workers, your risk damaging your office furniture beyond repair!

With Edward Baden Specialist Movers, you can leave the hassle of moving to us! We will take care of every detail and work with you to deliver a smooth and effective move. A dedicated move manager will be assigned to you to manage all aspects of your relocation, from furniture dismantling to IT relocation and cleaning. This includes unpacking assistance and inventory management!

What are you waiting for?

Contact us now and start planning a hassle-free office move!

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