An IT Equipment Relocation & Installation Project

The Client

Pax8 is among the UK's leaders in cloud distribution. The Company purchases, sells, and manages cloud solutions using cloud technology, automated provisioning, consolidated billing, and industry-leading PSA integrations. Even though the business just entered England in 2021, Pax8 has already made waves in the UK channel and continues to help increasing numbers of MSPs transform their cloud business.

The Project

The 3-day programme included 2 phases which covered the relocation and installation of all IT equipment in the 3rd, 4th and 5th floor of Pax8. While the first 2 days were spent focusing on the 3rd and 5th floor, the last day was dedicated to tackle the 4th floor. The project was scheduled to take place in October, 2022.

The Solution

Edward Baden’s main objective is to ensure minimum disruption to Pax8. With over 20 years of expertise in the field along with a team of experts, we have successfully completed all requirements from the client. The services include;

  • Decommissioning of the existing IT from each workstation.
  • Complete IT clean of all existing IT equipment from workstations - To include monitors, keyboards, mouse and ancillary items, with microfiber cloths, antistatic brushes and computer cleaning sprays.
  • Packing of all existing IT into computer crates within relevant groups (i.e monitors together, keyboards together etc.)
  • Packing of all existing power and network cables from wire management trays.
  • Complete packing of general effects from cupboards including stationary.
  • Taking down from walls TV's and wrap/protect.
  • Relocating all equipment, crates and effects to new premises and position as per designated plans.
  • Unpacking of IT if required.
  • Unpacking of general crates.

The Process

Upon arriving at Pax8, Edward Baden Supervisor received instructions and final briefing from the client representative. The team carried out the unpacking of appr. 750-800 boxes of IT equipment consisting of monitors, docking station, keyboard, mouse and moved them on the new workstations to be ready for the IT Team. All packaging was gathered and placed into the agreed holding area. 

Edward Baden IT Division commissioned 185 workstations, each one consisting of 2 Dell monitors, 1 Dell docking station, webcam, keyboard, mouse and network cables. The process of attaching monitors to monitor arms, completing wire management, setting up the desk in accordance to briefing and snagging took place. 

At the end of the operation, our Supervisors signed off with the on-site representative to ensure approval and satisfaction.

Before The Relocation & Installation

After The Relocation & Installation

Project Highlights

Edward Baden collaborated closely with Pax8 to carry out a smooth relocation and installation. The two-phase project was constantly and carefully monitored by the on site Supervisor to make sure that the cable management was neatly organised, showing no slack of cables and the workstation was arranged according to the client representative’s requirements . The sign-off only occurred when everything was finally completed.

Additional Information

Pax8 is taking England by storm. Since their first introduction in 2021, they’ve collaborated with a large range of vendors whose products and services can be combined to provide end users the most secure and reliable online user experience. Through the powerful combination of Microsoft, Acronis, Axcient, Dropsuite and a variety of other vendors, clients can rest assured that their businesses are safeguarded against any cyber attack. 

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