The Royal Academy of Arts

The Royal Academy of Arts

A Packing and Moving Project


“I just thought I’d write to say what a great job the team did in moving our reserve library books and shelving from Enfield to Mitcham. They were all extremely professional and conscientious, particularly Stephen who did all the fork-lifting and Will who managed the project, and constantly kept me informed of how things were progressing." - Adam

The Client

Located in the heart of London, the Royal Academy of Arts (RA) is a place where art is made, exhibited and debated. For over 250 years, the RA has hosted countless world-class events, exhibitions and activities to champion art and artists. As an integral part of the RA, the Royal Academy Schools boasts the distinction of being Britain’s oldest-established institution solely devoted to the fine arts.

The Project

Edward Baden had a requirement for the sequential packing and moving of RA’s library stock and furniture. After being transported to a new storage location, the content including approximately 400 linear metres of standard book stock and an additional 32 linear metres of oversized stock would be unpacked.

RA further demanded the dismantling and reassembling of all existing shelving which equates to 112 single bays of racking. Edward Baden’s fitters methodically installed an additional sixth shelf and re-pitched the height of the existing five shelves to either 33 or 34 cm.

Our certified forklift driver also transferred the packed and stacked Easycrates from Ground Floor at Enfield to the Mezzanine Floor at Mitcham delivery site.

The Solution

To guarantee the timely delivery of the move, Edward Baden's management team devised a comprehensive project delivery plan. The plan factored in the time required to securely and meticulously pack, transport and unpack the book stock as well as deconstruct and rebuild the rackings. The team’s priority was to minimise disruption to the RA and allow it to resume full functionality as quickly as possible.

The Process

Before the moving date, our management foreman accompanied by RA’s representative performed an interior building condition audit with a digital camera. Any areas of past damage were discussed and listed in a report agreed upon by both parties. All vulnerable areas such as the reception, main entrance, lifts, access routes and exits would be protected using hardboard, Correx or layered paper covers. 

In a span of 48 hours, the specialist movers undertook the sequential packing of 150 linear metres of book stock and the dismantling of 30 single bays of racking. The contents were securely stored in our sturdy Easycrates then being loaded onto Edward Baden vehicle for the delivery to Mitcham. The crew then split into two teams: 

The first one taking care of the racking rebuilding and book stock unpacking at Mitcham; while the other remained at Enfield to crate a further 150 linear metres of book stock and dismantle 30 single bays of racking.

During the last 3 days, the movers and fitters completed the delivery to Mitcham, rebuilt all remaining racking and unpacked the remaining book stock sequentially. Upon completion, Edward Baden’s supervisor signed off with the on-site representative and cleared all empty crates from the premises.

Packing Methodologies

All library stock were sequentially packed within pre-agreed section sequences. The team packed from left to right and placed a label on the left side of each crate to indicate start position.

Each crate would also have a second label placed on the inside as a second reference point in case of displacement of the outside label.  

Additional Information

To nurture the love of art and engagement between students, teachers and young people with art and artists, the Royal Academy of Arts offer free entry for Under 16’s and discounted exhibition tickets for self-guided visits. Whether you prefer to look, listen or create, the Collection Gallery and displays offer a wide range of creative activities, teaching resources and in-depth broadcasts. Book a visit today!

Should you require similar packing and moving services for valuable book stock and furniture, please contact us or give us a call on 0800 027 2668. Our friendly team is always happy to help.