Moreover Technologies

Moreover Technologies

Moreover Technologies was established in 1998 and is a trusted aggregator of global news and social media. They provide targeted, near real-time business and consumer information from respected web sources to a range of clients including the likes of Shell Oil, Sony, the BBC and Reuters UK. Although their head office is based in the US, they have a large operation in the UK as well.

When Moreover Technologies had the need to relocate 30 of their UK employees to new premises in London, they chose Edward Baden to do the job. The project involved moving office furniture, personal effects and IT equipment from a three storey building with no lift access to a new building locally situated.

The Edward Baden management team were undeterred by the restricted outgoing access and were able to put together a comprehensive project delivery plan which ensured as little disruption to the employees and business as possible. The entire relocation was done in two phases, each a day long, to ensure minimal disruption to the business operations.

Katie Draycott, Office Manager at Moreover Technologies said that Edward Baden was ‘quick, well organised with a positive attitude to getting the job done’. She said she would use Edward Baden again ‘without hesitation’ and that ‘everything was taken care of’.

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