Independent Boarding School

Independent Boarding School

In 2015, Edward Baden carried out a multi-phased relocation for a large independent boarding school. We were responsible for moving library items, furniture and classroom equipment initially into storage areas and onwards into a newly constructed building.

Edward Baden undertook a thorough preparation process alongside the school’s accommodation manager to ensure that the moves would all take place according to the school’s timescales and wishes. Several planning meetings took place, and Edward Baden’s project manager was introduced to the school’s key people in advance of the move's commencement.

The relocations were scheduled to be carried out over a 4-phase programme in July and August 2015 as follows:

  • Phase 1
    Relocation of existing building to temporary storage areas and recycling and responsible disposal of unwanted furniture and white goods – this took place over a 5-day midweek programme, and was carried out by an experienced and consistent team led by Edward Baden’s project manager. Fitters were required to dismantle and uninstall furniture, blinds and notice boards.
  • Phase 2
    Relocation of classrooms to temporary storage areas and recycling and responsible disposal of unwanted furniture - we assigned a larger team to this phase in order to complete the move in a single day.
  • Phase 3
    Relocation of the goods from temporary storage areas to the new building – this was carried out by a smaller team over a 3-day programme in order to minimise disruption to the running of the school. Fitters were required to reassemble and reinstall items.
  • Phase 4
    Library relocation – we assigned a large and specially trained team to relocate the school’s library to its permanent location in the new building. The relocation was carried out in a single day and included moving library trolleys, book spinners, display units, library stock, furniture and IT equipment. All library stock had to be packed, relocated and unpacked in sequential order.

Edward Baden carried out all parts of the relocation project according to the school's wishes. We received the following feedback upon completion:

“Mark and his team have just finished clearing the building.  I just wanted to say what a great job they did. Mark was so helpful and nothing was too much trouble for him and the team, even if the job was not on the original schedule. The team never let up, even in this extreme heat.”

We have since provided further services to the school including a 5-day relocation programme of goods from storage into their new permanent locations at the school. The goods moved included racking, electrical stock, plumbing stock, wood and various furniture appliances. We also provide regular crate hire to the school as and when required.