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Autumn Offer - Free Crate Hire

Business & Office Moves in London

Have a smooth business move in and outside
of London with our Autumn Offer!

Have a smooth corporate and office move in London with our Autumn Offer!
At the Edward Baden Group we pride ourselves on offering professional and complete moving services such as business, office, commercial, and corporate removal assistance both in and outside of London over 20 years.

Our Services Cover All Types Of

  • Corporate Move
  • Business Move
  • Museum Move
  • Office Removal
  • IT Relocations
  • Corporate Relocation
  • Business Relocation
  • Library Relocation
  • Art Gallery Relocation
  • Commercial Relocation
  • University Removal
  • Corporate Removal
  • Commercial Moving
  • Business Moving
  • Office Moving

Over 20yrs Experience
Over 20yrs experience within the home move/relocation sector.

Service You Can Trust!
We are members of the British Association of Removers (BAR)

Direct Approach Management
Each relocation project will be directly managed by top level management to ensure a smooth transition 




With Edward Baden you can rest assured that every stage of your move will be in expert hands and every detail will be taken care of - ensuring a swift and stress-free move.

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Our Top Case Studies:

At Edward Baden we have worked with customers in every sector. We are proud of every solution that we provide as each one is as unique as the individual requirements of that client. Here is an overview of some of the projects that we have worked on which our clients have asked us to share:











Have a smooth business move in
and outside of London with our Autumn Offer!



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